Current Obsession: Not Made In China

I bought these Charlotte themed buttons from Not Made in China at Paper Skyscraper. I love how much thought is put into every aspect of the product and packaging. At first, I almost wanted to frame them and hang them on the wall instead of wear them; but luckily I got over that and took them to the streets!

The witty creator behind Not Made In China, Nikki, is part of the crafty business group I am in called Crown Town Handmade. She taught a bookbinding class for one of our Charlotte Make-Out Craft Sessions (which are free to the public). I had so much fun at the session that I wanted to share her instructions for bookbinding so that you can make your own books too! She packaged them in a cute book that (of course) she made just to give out at the session. See for yourself (remember that you can click on the photos for a closer look) :

The book I made at the session is below. I wasn't too skilled with the binding, but I'm sure it gets easier with practice. Just follow Nikki's steps above and you should have no problem. Good luck!

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