Revisiting the Fantastical Hairstyles in The Labyrinth

The 1986 cult classic film The Labyrinth was one of my favorite childhood movies. It was directed by Jim Henson, produced by George Lucas, and starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. David Bowie wrote and performed some of the music in the film. Earlier this week some friends and I watched it again for fun. It was like a new movie for me, because for the first time I was paying attention to all of the wild and wonderful hairstyles.

This style is 80's Rock Star all the way. Blonde with dark roots and teased up. So many spikes and tons of volume. The bangs are my favorite part. Those long pieces might be extensions, but I'd like to think his hair was really cut this way- knowing Bowie's other projects, it's likely. David Bowie plays Jareth the Goblin King. Photo from

Connelly's innocent look is transformed to take on an Elvira, or Bride of Frankenstein influenced look. The entire length of her hair was probably set in curlers. I love the silver wires and leaves. Her hair is like a sculpture. Jennifer Connelly as Sarah at the Goblin Ball. Image from

Another view. I can only imagine how much hairspray was used between the two of them to get the volume on both of these looks. It looks like Bowie also has some painted in blue highlights for this scene. Image from

A simple, straight style with the front pinned up. She wears one simple black hair clip on her right side. Image from

A Medieval Hairstyle. Gathered in mounds on the back of the head and decorated with ribbons and a flower crown. Image from Get your own flower crown at

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