Which is your Favorite Jenny Hanson Photo?

Check out these images captured by photographer Jenny Hanson at the Charlotte Arts Catalyst Simulation on May 21, 2010. I love her quirky, fun style and also her etherial, haunting double exposures and unconventional photography methods.

Teaching crocheting and working on the collaborative public sculpture:

Craft With Me/SM table:

I bought a photo from Jenny Hanson at an exibition back in the day that still hangs on my wall: Blog Post> New Art For Me! Please check out her newest photos at:

Page through her photos and tell me which is your favorite! Post a link to it below! Here are a few of her sets:
Holga work
Wide & Slim
Polaroid Transfers

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  1. Here are my favorites:
    (You know how I feel about crowd surfing, but still a great shot! )