Santa was at The Big Crafty

I got my picture taken with Santa last weekend at The Big Crafty! Y'know Justin and Brandy, the Big Crafty organizers? It just so happens that Justin's dad is an elf for the real Santa! Yeah- he flew down from the North Pole and dressed up as Santa to make a list of what all the Asheville kids want for Christmas! I think santa even picked up a few handmade gifts while he was there.

There were lots of neat gifts to choose from. Kathleen from Lark Books was raffling off 35 handmade belt buckles from different crafters. The designs ranged from metal-work, to paintings, to cross-stitching, to interchangeable velcro faces. I wish I had bought one of the vibrant limited edition hand screenprinted Big Crafty posters designed by Subject Matter Studio (above). My awesome booth neighbors Final Approach were selling some seriously cool custom painted vintage suitcases. Thankfully, they watched my booth while I got food and took a few breaks (lifesavers!). To keep everyone dancing while shopping, Dr. Filth was there spinning holiday records, and Short Street Cakes was also serving up delicious vegan chocolate lemon cupcakes. Yep, there was so much to see and do. I didn't have a camera, but I'll add some links to photo galleries as I find them.

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