Want-it Wednesday

It's Want-it Wednesday, the day I get to tell you about the fabulous things I'd like to have, hold, or borrow. Here are the top three things on my list right now:

#3 Fence Line Buckle
from Buncombe Buckles
A North Carolina artist welded refrigerator part scraps to make this neat and simple piece. If I'm getting the buckle, I also have to get the black vegan snap belt to go with it.

#2 Flip Mino
A gal at work turned me onto this new tiny camcorder. It's about the size of a cell phone and takes good video and sound. The feature that sells it is the flip USB port which allows you to plug directly into your computer and import video in a flash. This would be perfect for getting a soundbite at a show to bring home to your friend who couldn't be there. Can't wait to get my hands on one of these so I can post lots of footage!!

#1 That white bow tie that Obama was wearing last night!
Sorry to jump on the "president as celebrity" train, but I'm shoveling coal as I admire that beautiful tie. In my eyes, a great bow tie has a fullness, is tied evenly, and looks slightly puffy. This bow does all of those.

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