Music Monday
Music Monday is where I talk about this past weekend's shows and other music related goodness...

Maybe it's the mad countrified skills and fast fingers of guitarist/singer Matt Bohannon. Maybe it's the bizzare comments between sets or passionate, crazy-eyed singing and yelping of singer/guitarist TJ Greever. Maybe it's the way bass player Dan Pinson makes love to his instrument in a more perverted Jimi Hendrix fashion. Or maybe it's the way drummer Adam Brown seems to hold everything together when things start spinning out of control. Whatever it is, there's just something about Up With The Jonses that keeps folks coming back for more.

Ever since these guys played with my buddy's band Kimosabe at The Milestone a few years ago (with an amazing cover of Black Sabbath's Sweet Leaf that tore the place down) I haven't been able to get enough of their live show, so I try to catch them everytime they're in town. This past Friday night they were here, at Snug Harbor for the Lamb Handler CD Release show.

Needless to say, Up With the Joneses brought it. They effortlessly but aggressively spun their web of southern rock, classic rock, and funk over the crowd before biting down and finishing us off. Yeah!

You can get their live CD, Melt Your Face Off on CD Baby or check it out on iTunes, and look out for their upcoming 2nd studio album, to be released sometime this spring. See photos from Friday below.

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