The Big Crafty, Rock & Shop Market

It's confirmed, I will be at The Rock & Shop Market in Raleigh, NC on December 13th! It should be a great time, with lots of crafters and bands. They actually just updated their participating designers list, so check it out! I will also be at The Big Crafty again in Asheville. It's on December 7th, and this time it's bigger and better, with 100 crafters and located in the heart of the downtown area.

Over Thanksgiving break I've been working on last minute preparations for the two upcoming craft shows above. One week before the show is always the time that I get a surge of energy. I get excited, but I also get nervous and wonder if I've made enough of my craft. I imagine that I'll have a super successful day and sell out in the first hour, being left there embarrassed because of my empty shop. I have to shake myself and remember:
#1- That would actually be great, not awful
#2- I've got to chill, the prep work is done, so it's time to just have fun!

My family helped me build a wooden stand to display the new holiday cards with hair clips, so I'm pumped about that. The stand is simple and has hinges so that it can fold up to be carried easily. It looks nice too!

Next up I'll be finishing a new sign for my booth, so look for it at the craft shows!

Inked printing blocks just before washing.

Finished birthday and thank you cards. You choose the hair clips!
(Recycled paper, Biodegradable bags)