Social Networking

This is social networking week for me. I have decided to be more pro-active in promoting my new shop, so yesterday I joined a few of the social networking sites everyone is talking about: indie public and Flickr. Indie public is widget based and is a sub-network of Ning, and Flickr is a photo based site that allows you to invite friends and communicate with users.

Widget based sites seem to be that way of the future for the web. You can customize your page with small features (widgets) like RSS news feeds and a friend lists. I am a definate newbie at both of these sites, but luckily they are easy to use. For now it is blowing my mind that another network exists besides MySpace! Not really, but it's a whole new world for me. On top of this, we are also researching social networks at my day job, so it's all interconnected man!

Sneak Peak:
I got an invite this week to participate in the first ever "Ladies Night" at Canvas Monkey Gallery in Charlotte (NoDa), where all of their female artists (that's me!) will meet and greet all of their female customers. The gallery will also debut a new handmade handbag line that night. There will be new paintings that myself and the other ladies are bringing to sell. Exciting! Stay tuned for the date of the event.