Plaza-Midwood Gallery Crawl, New Stuff

I attended the Plaza-Midwood gallery crawl Saturday night, and the best part was seeing my friend Brandi Strickland's art up at Shine Salon (1900 Commonwealth Ave., Charlotte 28205). We both studied art at Queens University together, so it is definitely cool to see her making a ton of art and having it shown. She has around 30 pieces up plus more in binders. Check it out.

My Sunday was spent sleeping late, relaxing, and making new brooches. I made another brooch with felt daggers, and am currently working on "the pill" brooch. It is kind of kooky but I think I like it. Today I have been posting on some Etsy forums and just trying to keep chugging on new brooches! I also posted a new brooch and I will put this one up for sale tomorrow. I am making an effort to list once a day instead of lots of items is spurts. It seems that consistency gets you more exposure within Etsy (i.e. listing daily instead of 14 on one day, every two weeks).