This blue fish has glitter all over but it doesn't show up here. Can't wait until I can finish it up! After a bunch of koi, I'm going to move on to making microphone shaped hair pins with long tangled cords.

I taught a 3 hour art workshop for the ST-ARTS program at Winthrop University yesterday.  We did figure drawing with a "presidential candidate" theme (thanks to Chris Wallace for the president idea as a jumping off point). The theme worked well- kids "ran for president" by volunteering to be the figure drawing model and then the rest of the class got to "vote" at the end by choosing their favorite drawing and seeing it through to completion.  Lots of holding babies, pointing, shaking hands, and waving. Those kids are really talented.

You know who else is talented? A photographer named Jenny Hanson who is currently showing her work at Black Sheep Skate Shop in Charlotte. She takes double exposures of everyday scenes with a Holga "plastic fantastic" $20 camera but somehow makes them look mysterious and eerie. She retains a sense of humor by incorporating figures of loved ones.  I bought one of her photos and you should check them out too. They will be up through February.