IED Photos, Hand to Hand

Push play below to see photos of IED playing at The World Famous Milestone Club last night. The show was a lot of fun! I tried to add the music, but they had it locked from downloading on their site. Damn them for protecting their original material!

A photographer friend (and my former professor) Cordelia Williams sent some photos of a project she just completed: Six days of Iraq War News, July 23 to July 28, 2007. The project is made of photos on fabric which she stitched, stuffed, sculpted and embellished. She seriously just finished this week, so you are some of the first to see it! Cordelia's part is a portion of a larger project called Hand to Hand started by Cecelia Kane to document the Iraq War. She explains, "Since March 2003, when the war in Iraq began, I started a series of paintings in response to the war. I chose as my material simple cotton gloves and painted a news story about the war directly on them almost every day. Each glove is a 'rosary bead' in a daily witnessing. In 2006 I expanded the project to include over 100 artists as a continuing community dialog." The show will be on display at Spruill Gallery in Atlanta, GA from March 6th- April 26th.