So it's been awhile since my last post and a lot has happened since then: I got a studio space, a cross-country teams I coach won their state championship, I paid off my car in full, and I got my art website up (yay). I am using the art host MesArt. So far, so good- I'll keep you updated on their customer service and usability.

For the new year I have also re-vamped my business plan for Stitch Machine. From now on I will focus on funky hats, brooches, and hairpins exclusively. I'm already whipping up some great new stuff that I am excited about- see below. I am using the free-form crochet technique. This is freeing me from the prison walls I always felt using patterns all of the time. I was getting sick of always feeling so restrained- it was supposed to be a creative outlet but it was just turning into me having to strictly adhere to more processes and rules. It just might save me as far as crocheting goes!

My plan is to design 1 hats, 2 brooches, and 4 hairpins per week until May 2008, then I will re-evaluate my situation. You should start seeing things on Estsy beggining in March. I need some time to develop my shipping and packaging plan.

Each hat has a neck scarf or ribbon that detaches from the back and can be worn alone.