Look at this sweet pendant I ordered online from Imogen last week! It has a great black and white photo that reminds me of my days in the darkroom. Check out these pendants, they are the bomb. (You can see a better picture of it there too- it is called Tree Pendant.) Also check out Etsy if you haven't yet. It is a interesting place to shop if you are looking for a unique hand made gift, and is a great place to go if you want to open up an online shop.

Lacy shiny cotton headbands in juicy colors. Mmmmm perfect for summer! Here is the yarn I just bought and I am working on them now. I made one earlier this summer for myself and I love wearing it! In fact, you can see it in my June 10th post. I made some for a craft show and they were my hottest item, so I am making a ton more now. They will have a stretchy elastic band in the back too.

This is my industrial set of colors.