Trees, Pets, Rock & Roll- iPhone July Photo Drop

Here are some photos I took with my iPhone this month:  photo JulyiPhoneDump14.jpg
⬆trees blooming in my brother's yard.⬇  photo JulyiPhoneDump13.jpg  photo JulyiPhoneDump12.jpg  photo JulyiPhoneDump07.jpg  photo JulyiPhoneDump05.jpg  photo JulyiPhoneDump01.jpg
⬇patriotic guy in Charlotte on july 4th  photo JulyiPhoneDump10.jpg  photo JulyiPhoneDump06.jpg
⬆ I redesigned the business cards for my mom's farm this month. She sells her goods at the Durham Farmer's Market.⬇  photo JulyiPhoneDump15.jpg
⬇goofy friends  photo JulyiPhoneDump02.jpg
⬇me & my cat cheezeburger
 photo JulyiPhoneDump04.jpg
⬇ black baby kitty silhouette on a vintage sofa  photo JulyiPhoneDump08.jpg
⬇A mastiff puppy named Reese & my brother's HDMI converter.  photo JulyiPhoneDump11.jpg
⬇ Photo-bombing strangers at Snug Harbor. This photo showed up in a friend's Facebook feed because he was tagged playing drums. He was surprised to discover he knew the photo-bomber (me). He messaged this photo to me. It's not often you get this type of gratification.  photo JulyiPhoneDump09.jpg
Amigo playing at The Milestone  photo JulyiPhoneDump03.jpg

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