Textures and Colors on A Spring Afternoon Walk

So many beautiful colors and textures are all around this time of year! Here are some that I saw on a long walk through my neighborhood yesterday afternoon.  photo IMG_0050.jpg A single line that stretches over 4 blocks? I like how you're thinking, kid!  photo IMG_0048.jpg  photo IMG_0013.jpg
North Carolina's state flower, the dogwood, has been in full bloom this week.  photo IMG_0056.jpg  photo IMG_0057.jpg  photo IMG_0058.jpg  photo IMG_0044.jpg  photo IMG_0066.jpg  photo IMG_0059.jpg  photo IMG_0060.jpg Pollen is everywhere!  photo IMG_0054.jpg  photo IMG_0047.jpg  photo IMG_0014.jpg  photo IMG_0062.jpg  photo IMG_0049.jpg
I don't know what this tree is called, but bouquets of magenta flowers are growing all over the trunk.  photo IMG_0070.jpg One of my earliest memories as a toddler is feeling the soft lamb's ear plants, like these, that my mom planted all around the trailor in the woods where we lived.  photo IMG_0064.jpg

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