"The Indestructible" Bites the Dust

 photo VenusAndiPhone.jpg My indestructible Venus LG finally bit the dust yesterday. After surviving many long hard falls like bouncing down a paved driveway on a hill, bouncing down metal bleachers during my coaching days, and the time my niece submerged it in a glass of orange juice, the touch screen finally cracked this week. I can't pinpoint what happened- it was just sitting on my bedside table, fine and dandy, and when I went to use it, the screen was cracked. I was happy to continue using it anyway, but then I started missing calls and not receiving texts. It must have spontaneously combusted from all of the years of abuse. So now I have the iPhone. It was "free" with my plan renewal, but of course there were $90 in upgrade fees and extras that were not optional. The guys in the store were all laughing about my Venus phone, as if it were this retro electronic they hadn't seen in decades. "Hey- You remember this?" one guy said to the other.

I better be more careful with this iPhone because it is more delicate than my Venus and MUCH more expensive to replace. Even so, I am excited about how I will be able to use it to provide better service to my Stitch Machine customers!  photo BrokenScreen.jpg

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