My Cozy Workroom

Stitch Machine Studio November 2012
Here's my sweet little studio space. I moved out of my old studio in July so that my cousin (who is finishing school in Charlotte) could move into that room.

Stitch Machine Studio November 2012 I made this felt banner for my craft fair booth awhile back, and it's right at home in the new space. I'm still using the sewing machine I got in high school.  And I keep a crocheted barbie outfit that my grandma made nearby.  I remember when I used to go visit her as a child that was the first thing I'd do- go into the guest room with all the barbies in their crocheted clothing to see what new handmade fashions they were wearing.

Stitch Machine Studio November 2012
As we were preparing for my cousin to arrive, I'd seriously considered renting a studio outside my home, but after much talking with my husband, we decided that we could probably make it work without my renting out an additional place. We squashed our bedroom to 2/3 of its original size, and I got a cool antique room divider from Sleepy Poet to section off the studio side. Clear tupperware containers are a necessity for keeping everything organized in this small space. It is a tiny workroom but I am loving it and it has been one of the most productive workspaces I've had so far. 

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  1. Anonymous11/08/2012

    thanks for giving me a peek into your sewing studio! Because it's a place where we spend so much time, personal and intimate touches are a must. I love that you keep the barbie doll next to the sewing machine that you've had since high school!