Photos from the Kitty Party

Kitty Party- Cupcakes 3/31/2012
A few weeks ago I posted about getting ready for my niece's kitty birthday party, and her mother's frustration with finding interesting kitty decorations. Well, in the end she decided to make the decorations, and she did an amazing job! She used bright colors from the nursery as her pallet: blues, pinks and yellows.

Kitty Party- Popcorn 3/31/2012
Popcorn Cones made from patterned craft paper and stamped with a kitty!

Kitty Party- Puff Balls 3/31/2012
Handmade tissue puff balls decorated the party area, along with some origami balloons.

Kitty Party- Candy 3/31/2012
Raiding the Candy Bar!

Kitty Party- Veggies 3/31/2012
She made label place cards for every treat on the table with layered paper and kitten stickers. A cute touch!

Kitty Party- Birthday Girl 3/31/2012
Birthday Girl blowing out her candle with mom & dad.

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