Fabulous Free Haircut via Twitter!

Free Hair Cut 12_28_11,

I logged into Twitter on Tuesday and I saw this in my Twitter Feed from a local tweep:

Hair Cut Tweet 12/27/11,

I didn't have anything scheduled Wednesday morning and was in major need of a trim, so I responded. A few tweets later I was connected with Alana's friend Erica, a stylist at EIGHT the Salon, who was learning new techniques and needed to practice a straight line cut. She texted me Tuesday night and gave me details, and Wednesday I went in for the cut. She did a beautiful job, and the salon's owner Rodger Azadganian was right there the whole time giving guidance and showing her how to become a better stylist (he owns the salon with his wife and color director Amy Troutman) . Listening to the instruction was very interesting!

EIGHT, the Salon was posh and welcoming. Based on the hands-on training the owner was giving, it was clear to me that he wants each of his stylists to be great at what they do, simply for the sake of being great. There was no doubt that Rodger was in charge, but rather than a salon owner he reminded me of a restaurant manager moving from customer to customer making sure they were each having a great experience. He would periodically walk the entire place scanning for anything that might be the slightest bit amiss, ready to take corrective action. At the same time he was at ease in his salon, sipping tea and cracking a quiet joke with an employee here and there. Discipline, intent control, and serving the customer seem to be the methodology at this salon.

Free Hair Cut 12_28_11,

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