Halloween + Kelly Keith = Awesome!

kelly keith,local art,charlotte,stitch machine,halloween
Our new painting makes itself at home.

For a surprise wedding gift, Dan revealed this painting that he recently commissioned of us on our first Halloween together. Someone else at our wedding reception must have been a fan of the artist because as soon as the striped beach towel was dramatically pulled off of this huge painting, some drunk person in the distance shouted,
"Keeeeellly Keith!" Kelly is a Charlotte artist we both really love and have been following for a number of years. She did an incredible job on this one and I couldn't have been more shocked to see our mugs painted in her style! I especially love the layering of the shadows and the color pallet she chose. Check out more of her work: www.kellypaintsradstuff.com

kelly keith,local art,charlotte,stitch machine,halloween
For Halloween that year, Dan dressed as comic book character Marv from the Sin City series, and I dressed as The Garden of Eden.

See works by artist Kelly Keith in person now at:
gallery twenty two,zombies,halloween,kelly keith,stitchmachine,blog
This show (featuring a number of artists) runs through November 5th at Gallery Twenty-Two.

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