Where's Sarah?

Loyal Friends,
I'm taking a brief blog and social media break this week to compile and send out my wedding invitations and finish wedding projects. The event is just weeks away, on September 17th. My wedding projects have been put off for way too long, and I've just got to take some time to get them done. You understand right?

I'd imagined myself multitasking like a champion this week: blogging, getting new Stitch Machine stuff out to stores and online, leading Crown Town Handmade, working my part time job, while also getting all my wedding stuff done. Unfortunately that has not been the reality- my stores are still waiting and the wedding projects are moving at a snails pace.

Bear with me this week while I power through my wedding projects and finish up my Crown Town Handmade leadership teams and website launch meetings, and I'll be back on my regular blogging schedule next Monday. I have lots of exciting stuff to share with you!

Miss you guys tons!


(I'm not sending stained glass through the mail though- just watercolor images I painted of stained glass. I'll show you the finished invites next week.)

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