WWWList: Let's Get Fit!

Weekend Wear Wishlist 6/17/11

My schedule is packed these days and I always feel more productive & energetic after a good run. Hope this Weekend Wear Wishlist inspires you to get moving too! If you're new to running-I'm not going to lie- the first two weeks of steady running will hurt & feel awful. But if you can get through those first weeks, you'll notice it will start to feel great! Pretty soon after you'll start to crave your workout. So let's get going. I'll be here feeling the burn too & cheering you on!

(If the thought of running is too much, you can start walking a few times a week first, then move up to walking and jogging intermittently in the same workout, and then after a few weeks move up to a steady run. You can do it!)

Super Girl Retro Sports Bra

One Pocket Army Camo Kick Shorts

Timex Ironman 50-Lap Digital Watch

GT 2160 Running Shoe with Synthetic Upper

Narrow-Mouth Loop-Top Water Bottle

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