Memorial Day Thanks

My sinceriest thanks to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our personal freedoms and pursuit of individual happiness in the United States. These freedoms have allowed me (a female) to pursue my own business, contribute to causes of my choice as a result, and on a personal note- to choose my relationships. My thoughts today are with the families of our fallen heroes. I am also thinking about those who have died in defense of democracy around the world.

The Way We Get By

Help Restore the Traditional Day of Observance For Memorial Day

"If it is considered a holiday, why is it so? I consider it to be a national day of mourning. This is how we observe this day in our home. Because of what that day represents, the rest of the days of the year are our holidays."
- F L Lloyd West Chester, Pa USA - February 26, 2000

What are you thinking about this Memorial Day? Who are you remembering?

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