Juárez On My Mind...

WARNING: Music video contains sensitive material, but is no worse than a newscast.

I generally don't discuss politics here, but this is just a great song and intense video that I've been reflecting on a lot lately. Maybe you've seen it? Manufacturing, Outsourcing, Worker's Rights, Women's Safety, Human Rights, Corruption, Poverty, Wealth and's all there.

I ventured into Juárez, Mexico a few times around 2003. I'm glad I got to see it before the cartel drug war started (which is going on now and makes travel to Juárez more dangerous than ever). It's one of those decisions that I attribute to being young, fearless and stupid. I had some friends who lived in Las Cruces, New Mexico and regularly hopped across the border (like many Americans at the time) during both the day and night. We knew about the Juárez abductions, but we also knew that groups of Americans weren't being targeted- it was women who lived and worked in Juárez. How sad is it that we could take comfort in that? Just because we happened to be born North of the Rio Grande? Talk about privilege. Anyhow...

The abductions, rapes, and killings of Juárez girls and women have been going on since the early 1990's and are still going on today. Sadly the abduction and body count has risen steeply since this music video was made a decade ago and also includes many males now as well.

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