Vintage Gadgets: EZY*MAG

EZY MAG 3/14/11
all photos: Looking Glass House

Today's vintage gadget comes to us from Kansas City, Missouri. This 1950's contraption hangs around the neck and allows the user to keep both hands free while magnifying a project underneath. Based on the packaging, it looks like the EZY*MAG was marketed towards women for working on nails, sewing, or household projects.

Why do I get the feeling that it should have been called the FRUSTRATING*MAG? I imagine women had to hold their bodies just right to keep it from dangling from their necks and falling onto whatever they were working on. It seems like one of those ideas that was good in theory but not in practice, like the Sun Pod, and Clear Pepsi. But I could be wrong, so try it for yourself! You can get this EZY*MAG at Looking Glass House on Etsy.

EZY MAG 3/14/11


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