Make Out Recap: Soda Can Rings

Soda Can Rings
Here's the one I made.

We had a great turnout for Crown Town Handmade's most recent Make Out Craft night! About 25 people gathered around Elizabeth of studio-e on 2/24/11 to learn how to make flower rings out of soda cans. Elizabeth had gathered an impressive collection of cans of all colors for everyone to use. We crimped wire, cut petals out of aluminum and learned how to use pliers to get the look that we wanted. Each person's creation was 100% unique!

Soda Can Rings
Elizabeth demonstrates the best way to bend wire to form a ring.

Emily shows off her new ring. Photo by Tricia Schepp.

A few of us headed to Thomas Street Tavern afterwards to chat and admire our new rings!

Are you in the Charlotte area or planning a visit? Make Out Craft Nights occur the last Thursday of every month at 7:30 pm and are free and open to the public.

See this event's hand-drawn flyer here, and be on the lookout for our next collectible flyer, which I'll post on this blog.


  1. So cute! Was the ring around the finger just made out of wire? Anything else I should know before I attempt this?

  2. Ashley- Here is a lot of info from the gal who taught this class, Elizabeth, from Studio-e.

    Ring blank or wire
    Scrapbooking brads
    Scrapbooking punches
    Rubber gloves

    They need to wear rubber gloves, especially when cutting open and flattening the cans. It’s easy to cut yourself otherwise.
    First you use metal shears (like from the hardware store) to cut open the cans.
    Then you use a scrapbooking paper punch to cut out the flowers-simpler flower shapes work better than complex ones, which are far more likely to get stuck in the punch.
    Use a hole punch to punch the center of each flower.
    Stack ‘em and press the brad through the holes, wait to bend the legs of the brad.
    Either: punch a hole in your ring blank and press the flower/brad into place and open up the brad legs
    Or: make a loop at the end of a piece of wire, thread the flower.brad through the loop and bend the legs. Take the rest of the wire and make a loop large enough to fit your finger, then wrap the rest of the wire under the flower like a tornado.