My Wedding Dress has Arrived!

I got my wedding dress in the mail from dancingbell.etsy and it fits just right! Yayyyyyyyy! I am really thanking my lucky stars. The lace and sheer material is lovely. My mom figured out that there is a way to snap up the train in the back to create a really beautiful bustle. I can't say that a bustle was something I was looking for, but I love it!

Here is the dress fresh out of the box from Detroit. It is a vintage dress and has been worn, so the first order of business is a good dry cleaning. Then I'll begin some customizations to really make it mine.

I love etsy sellers! Jackie included a sweet little handwritten note with my dress.


  1. Congrats, how exciting! I just hope your fiancee doesn't read this... :)

  2. As far as I know he doesn't read my blog, but I guess I am busted if he decides to one day.

    *Note to my fiance: If you see this post, just pretend like you never did and don't tell me you saw it. Thanks!

  3. Your dress is gorgeous Sarah!!!

  4. Thanks Jessica! I can't wait to stop by Beadlush especially to pick out some beads to sew onto it!! Are you still working there?

  5. I was just there for the holidays but I know Vanessa would do an excellent job of helping you pick out some beads to add on. I cant get over how gorgeous your dress is!

  6. Thanks Jessica!

    And I'll def. get Vanessa to help me when I go in.