Awesome Hairstyles at the All Arts Market

I'm a few days behind on blog posts because I've been sick in bed for the last 24 hours. blah. But I'm starting to feel a little better so here we go...

During Day 2 of last week's All Arts Market I spotted awesome hairstyles on some of the vendors, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Jen of Junk Pie did a beautiful job wrapping up her long dreads in a silk head-wrap, and wears earrings of her own creation.

Artist Kat Crosby mastered the ever-elusive WHITE hair color with hair cut in asymmetrical multi-levels around her face. The best part? She did the color and cut herself! I couldn't help thinking of Betsy Johnson's piecy cuts + Andy Warhol's hair color.

Fellow hair accessory maker Tiffany of Tissy Designs wears a classic bun with bangs.

Amanda's pigtails were just right with her plaid shirt she's adorned with fragments of cloth doilies. This would be the perfect style for a day of apple picking! (Amanda from Verabelle.)

Dan and I spotted this beautiful handmade hair accessory when we were grabbing a drink after the market over at Twenty-Two. After chatting for a minute we realized that this chica had bought 2 hair accessories from me last year at the market- a cobalt blue one with a veil and one from my first batch of Sculpted Satin Hair Clips. Small world! I'm working on another for her now. She made the one in this photo. "I don't wear jewelry, I wear hair pieces," she said. Love it.

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