Current Obsession: Things SHE Carried

Wallet in Red with Colorbar

I was table neighbors with Things SHE Carried this weekend at the All Arts Market. It didn't help that her booth was DIRECTLY across from mine, so all weekend I was ogling over all of her sleek, cutting edge designs. All of owner Cathe's designs are made from reclaimed materials- my favorites being denim, high vinyl that resembles suede and billboard. Billboard? Yes- she actually reclaims huge billboard advertisements (like you see on the highway), cleans them, cuts them, and sews them into her beautiful bags. Amazing!

I just placed a custom order to use as a money bag at craft fairs, so you'll see me sporting one of her designs on my hip very soon. Here are some of the other designs I have my eye on:

Travel Case in Red with Black and Silver Reclaimed

Wallet in Denim and Yellow Reclaimed with Key Clip

(Cathe is also a member of the crafty business group I am in, Crown Town Handmade.)


  1. OK I admit, I DO obsess over my Things SHE carried craft too. But that's what we handmakers do! (YOU definitely do it Stitch Machine) Love finding, reclaiming and designing with unusual textiles to make functional items witty, fun, pretty eco-fashions!

  2. That's why I love buying handmade things...knowing that the artists' design and craftmanship keeps them up at night! And what you buy is the product of (and a symbol of) all that thought and enthusiasm!