This Morning, Oh Yes:

Mary Jos

For those in the NC/SC area, what is the best thing you have ever found at Mary Jos?


  1. CLASSIC photo! Love it.

    I've purchased lots of fabric there--but haven't sewn much of it. It was out of sheer coveting that I bought most of it. Sadly, it sits in a closet waiting for my life to become less busy (one day...)

    I did turn one piece into a jumper for one my best friend's daughters--my first foray into clothing. I was in tears making it (frustration) but the sweet little girl loved it and made it all worth it :)

    I hope you got some good finds there!

  2. I know, I have a big basket of personal projects sitting in my bedroom that I hope to be able to work on someday! I would love to buy a clothing pattern for myself for fall and try to work though it.

    I found all the colors of satin I was looking for at Mary Jos (and then some). They seem to have everything!