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For about 5 months now I have been part of a blog called Farthing Collective. The website's About page describes it as "a virtual collective consisting of numerous artists and correspondents from all types of mediums. On the blog we cover everything from gallery openings to a great spot to grab a bite to eat. We are currently working on new roots of our collective and establishing new projects." Farthing recently re-launched with a more streamlined grown-up look. The banner at the top will rotate with different members' work, one of my paintings is up there now. Yippee!

One of our projects is the SASE Project. The title came from the phrase "Self-Adressed, Stamped Envelope." When we first started the project, people would just send us a SASE, and we would return it with free stickers and stuff. Recently Farthing Collective has been receiving so much cool stuff for the project from publishers and DIY businesses that we have bolstered the project to allow us to deliver a heftier 6 x 9 inch envelope filled with stuff. All you have to do to get one is visit the SASE page where you can PayPal $2 to help us cover shipping (it usually costs about $2.05). A great way to get your hands on some stuff you might not have access to otherwise.

Follow Farthing Collective on Twitter and Facebook to see what is currently in our SASE bin from week to week!

The current contributers of publications and goodies are: Microcosm Publishing, Punch Drunk Press, Stitch Machine (me), Not Made In China, Needles & Pens, the Poster Cause Project, Mercy for Animals, Vegan Outreach, The Niche Market, and more...

***If you would like to contribute anything to go into the SASE envelopes, whether you have a business or not, just shoot an email to

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