A Real Life Simulation & Long Live the Living Recap

"It's not painful, but it will give you a good jolt."

Above, artist Jon Prichard describes what it's like to ride on the standing adult see-saw he built. But if you didn't know any better, you might think was is describing his bizarre "Circus Circus" performance that the see-saw was made for. It was performed on May 21st as part of Long Live The Living, a partnership between Dugg Dugg and Charlotte Arts' Catalyst. Earlier in the day Charlotte Arts Catalyst opened up the doors of a temporary space to show what things might be like once they secure a permanent space. This day was part of a week-long Charlotte arts celebration called Southern Holiday.

Prichard teaching someone how to use his adult see-saw before the show.

The Circus Circus performance got my attention right out of the gate, and gave me a jolt that made me want to see how all of the fragmented information would eventually be tied together. The larger-than-life props also piqued my curiosity. The performance centered around a giant clown birthing rambunctious, feuding brothers and sisters. An ominous bearded lady narrated the action. A conflict between two of the characters came to a head as they battled it out on the see-saw.

Did the mother clown represent mother earth? Did she represent someone the artist knows? I took away a comment on the high standards that some parents hold for their children, and how their children are sometimes forced to perform. It also criticized people that want to pop the balloons that are your dreams. There was a bit of religious commentary thrown in there too. (Performance presented by Sinergismo. Performers were Mary Ellen Beaudreau, Gene Bledsoe, Michael Gentry, David Ingram, Gretchen Jax, Paul Martyka, Brittney Prichard, and Jon Prichard.)

A collaborative art collage was led at the Real Life Simulation Event by Andrea Vail from 2pm- 10pm. Many attendees contributed their ideas + materials and made this possible. It started as a freeform crocheted piece, than became a standing wooden structure with fiber added, then someone got the idea to turn it upside down and hang it from the rafters, then more and more was added on. It turned out great!

Watch a video of the finished project in motion:

Video installation for Long Live the Living by Philip Shive. You may recognize the actor- he's Andy the Door Bum!

Stitch Machine and others were there representing area crafters and makers. Once CAC secures a space, they plan to have a coffee area with products for sale from local makers.


  1. it was great meeting you here the other day. i wish i could have stayed for the whole event!

  2. monkeyandsquirrel-

    In the see-saw video, that's you saying "This is bad news!" (And me with the goofy laughing the whole time.)

    Who was the crafter set up beside you? What is her business?