Bartering brings Fresh Music to my Tired Ears

I love bartering. A friend in Asheville, NC was just telling me that trading goods and services is so common there that some businesses (like restaurants and barbers) have ledgers to keep track of what favor has been traded for what service. In that spirit, my friend Michael and I recently did a trade. We traded some records from his collection for a painting of mine. Since most of my money is going back into Stitch Machine right now, my music collection has definitely suffered. This trade was the perfect solution!

Michael + percussion + his most recent project

The painting I traded him was a diptych called New Beginnings. The painting is basically about how things were bad, but now they're finally starting to get good. It started as two separate oil paintings, but I sanded them down and painted over them. You can still see some of the old paintings peeking through. I layered all kinds of media to simulate texture- acrylic, oil, pencil, colored pencil, watercolor pencil, ink impressions from hand carved stamps.

...And in exchange for the painting I got this stack of records!! Michael wrote a note explaining which tracks were his favorites. It's always interesting to get insight on what inspires someone else's creativity. I am listening to my new (old) tunes now as I work, and they are bringing new energy into the studio.

Here are the all of the records:

Sade- Promise
Isaac Hayes- Hot Buttered Soul
Fleetwood Mac- tusk
Tom Tom Club- Genius of Love & Lorelei (45)
The 5 Stairsteps- O-o-h Child & Dear Prudence (45)
5 Stairsteps & Cubie- We Must Be in Love & Little Young Lover (45)

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