Reminiscing through German Hip Hop Music

If you can't see the movie, click here.

While I was visiting Germany & Austria as part of my college curriculum, this song Emanuela by Fettes Brot was all over MTV and we were dancing to it in the clubs too. I loved it, and even bought the CD. When we arrived in the small mountain town of Irdning, Austria, I was to take part in a middle school English class, so I brought my walkman along. After class I got a few of the kids translate the song for me. As the kids giggled, they more or less told me "the singer likes a girl and she doesn't like him back. He is trying to chase her but with no luck." I think you can hear that, even if you don't understand German. (These same pint-sized kids with blonde hair & blue eyes also told me that their favorite singers were 50 Cent and Eminem. Awesome.)

My time overseas was a surreal and magical and I am grateful for the experience. As I was looking up random bands on something reminded me of these guys. Watch the video as I'm reminiscing...

UPDATE: I found this English translation of the Emanuela song. Who knows how accurate it is, but if it's right, the kids were spot on.

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