Valentine's Craft Attack: Local Love

You know that "six degrees of separation" thing? It becomes more like two degrees when you're talking about a local event. When I found out that Valentine's Craft Attack would be held in the Atrium behind Amelie's Bakery, I knew I'd run into someone I knew. The turnout at the craft fair surprised me. I underestimated the power of that scrumptious bakery to draw in the crowds.

Some obligatory "us with our booths" photos. I need to figure out a more creative way to document these events:

Skwrrl Collective

Verabelle Vintage

Such a small world! I found out that the creative chica behind www.jessicasjacket.etsy.com lives next door to me! (Check out her 3D Greeting Cards.) There were several people that recognized me from working at the grocery store. I also meet some cool peeps who gave me contact info for Hearts and Pin-Ups, so I'm def. going to check that out. My ladies from Crown Town Handmade were there: Amanda from Verabelle and Vanessa from Skwrrl Collective. Trish from Creative Love and Melissa from Mason and Virginia also swung by to hangout for a bit. On top of all that, some of my friends and family came by too, which is always great. All-in-all it was a worthwhile event, and that's before I even factored in the sales.

The event was sponsored by Etsy Hornet's Nest and organized by Xiane.

Stitch Machine

The pink hair clip really complements the beard...Don't you think so?

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