Looking for an Etsy Team

They say that joining an Etsy Team makes the Etsy community smaller. They say that it is a good way to promote your shop and other shops. It can also give you a great sense of community among crafters and business owners. Tonight I clicked through almost every Etsy Team. My brain is hurting. In the end I will probably try to join the one I liked before I started clicking, dang. I found some interesting ones though that piqued my interest. I thought these were pretty original: Bebot Squad, Fatsy, Wild Wise Witty Grandmamas. One to aspire to: Full Time Etsy Crafters Team.

Is anyone a member of a great team who would like to share?

New hair clips added to my online shop
I added two new bows to my shop today. Vampy Lace Bows in Paprika and Red Wine.

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