Snug Harbor Bazaar gone, Lexington Avenue Bazaar up next

The Snug Harbor Craft Bazaar last Sunday was a lot of fun. It was insanely hot- the temp rose to over 95 degrees and everyone got sunburnt (we've been spoiled in North Carolina lately- it has been raining a lot so this is the hottest week we've seen so far). The best part was talking to the locals about their art projects and meeting lots of other Charlotte crafters. It was great meeting the girls from Inhabit, Mash Up, and sharing a tent with the ladies from Beadlush bead shop, with all their amazing creations. The Bazaar was great, and be on the lookout, because they are thinking about holding another one in November.

I also heard some talk about another local bazaar that will be starting in October at the Common Market in South End (Charlotte). More info to come...

Next up for me is the Lexington Avenue Bazaar in Asheville. I will be there this Saturday, August 15th all day.


  1. I am new to the local (asheville) craft scene - I just opened my etsy shop and am doing my first craft show (biltmore lake) in october. I was wondering if you had any tips on doing craft shows or if there were any particular shows you love to do every year.


  2. Katie-

    This is a great question. Here are some links that helped me get everything together when I was doing my first craft show:

    My own advice is to make a plan of what you think you can finish making between now and then, and then work steadily just on those things. You can only do what you can do, so try not to get stressed out or stay up all night before the show finishing stuff. I still struggle with the "not getting stressed out" part. It will take a little time to build up inventory, but after you do, doing craft shows will get easier. At first it will seem like you never have enough, but eventually you will! I will get a more comprehensive list together of my own tips and post it soon!

    Thanks for the comment,