Greg Turco gets Wrecked on Photography

Greg Turco captures and interprets discarded, sometimes eerie, but always interesting objects that many of us encounter on a daily basis. When he photographs nature, he has a way of finding an absolute symmetry and seems to harness something that is too big to be controlled. A vista or flower that would be considered very delicate and soft to the passerby becomes structured and strong under Greg's eye. Greg can be found at art shows or street shows connecting with the people who are seeing his art. Traveling to art shows instead of relying solely on galleries allows him to keep his prices at a place that he feels good about. Greg was my neighbor at Art and Soul of South End in April. We corresponded through email and he told me about how photography is his own personal drug, and how he'd like to pass it around...

Where did you grow up?
Stone Mountain, GA

When did you start creating art?
As soon as I was able to hold a crayon.

Why is photography your medium of choice?
Because I've done almost everything else and photography appeals to my impatience.

Which is most intriguing to you- what something WAS, what something IS, or what something WILL BE?
Hmmm, good question. I'm going to cheat and say all of the above. What it WAS because I'm really interested in the power of nostalgia, the ability of an image (or smell or taste or whatever) to bring up memories and emotions we thought have been lost forever, What it IS because, at least with what I do, what it IS better be intriguing or it won't make anyone stop and look. And What it WILL BE because that is the part of art that is totally individual. Interpretation of any piece by any viewer is what keeps it fresh.

What is one thing you wish people understood about your work?
I wish people could feel the way I feel when I'm making photographs. It's like a drug. If I could make people feel that, not only would their experience be complete, I'd also probably sell a lot more art.

What do you think is the purpose of art?
Well, assuming you mean the visual arts, there are lots of things good art CAN do. It can make you think, it can inspire you, it can move you to action, it can confuse you, but the one thing it must do, the ONLY true requirement, is it must please the eye. There are plenty of people who would disagree, I'm sure, but typically those are the same people who over think art and for that matter everything else in life. Visual art should be pleasing to look at. Now, that being said I'm also aware that it's completely objective, but that's how it should be. It should be personal, like I always tell people who are deciding what to buy, the only thing that should be important in your decision is if you like it. Not what your friends will think, not what people tell you is or is not "art" only what pleases your eye.

See more of Greg's work at turcophotography.com.

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