Want-it Wednesday

3. Nikkon Coolpix S220 Camera
I want one of these for taking for taking fun pixs when a SLR camera is just too clunky. Only a little larger than a credit card, it takes great pictures (10 Megapixels) and short video and sound too. My parents have one, and I took some videos of my mom's goats when I was back home last, and it came out real nice. It also has a rechargeable battery, a must, unless you want to buy AA batteries every week for the life of the camera.

2.Tree Necklace by Figs and Ginger
"Eco-friendly metal-smithing inspired by forests"
These guys can be seen at craft fairs all over the country, but definitely at craft fairs in NC. The husband and wife team living near the Asheville area makes the cutest brushed sterling silver jewelry. From their website, you can see exactly where their suppliers find the recycled metals Figs and Ginger use in their work. I already own the Fawn Stud earrings, so now I've got my eye on one of their sweet Tree Necklaces. Check their website for their customizable fawn necklaces as well.

1.A pocket accountant
Life around this time would be much easier if I had my own mini personal accountant. You know, like a teeny mini person I could put in my pocket that could calculate my incomes and expenses, do all of my taxes, and figure out how much I would owe other states when I visit for a craft fair. These are all things I can do, but man things would be better if I had an accountant fairy. I would keep him or her in a cozy polly-pocket shell. I’m not talking indentured servitude here, but just a little mini me that loves crunching numbers.

I get by, but I did get a C in financial accounting!

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