Some colleagues from my day job have made a great short film: ¡Perfecto! The director is Blake Edwards and the co-stars are Stephan Monteserin and Erin Fede. The film was made for the YouTube competition called Project Direct, which had entries from young film-makers across 7 nations. The prize is DVD distribution at Sundance, a screening of the film, and cash. Erin Fede won 2nd place internationally last year. If they make it into the top 10, I'll post a link so that you can vote and help them win! Watch ¡Perfecto! here or go to YouTube to watch it full screen in HD.

Shout outs
These guys were around at a few of the recent craft shows and they have cool stuff, so check them out:
Mi Scusi Handmade
Sew Bliss Sew
Plastic Flame Press
Fuzzy Ink,
Buncombe Buckles Metalworks
Figs and Ginger

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