Studying Up!
I've been spending some time reading up on the Etsy forums and resources and learning more about running a web business. One thing's for sure- this gig isn't for the faint at heart! Here is one good article I found about setting daily priorities: Daily Promo Plan.

I just got done coaching at our first high school track meet of the year. After working at the job all day, a meet like that will really take it out of you. It is all I can do to type out this short post before I fall asleep at my computer.

Last night I was slightly saddened to discover that I got my dates mixed up and I missed The English Beat show at The Neighborhood Theater with RX Bandits. I thought the show was this Saturday but it was actually on Wednesday. I realized it just at the show was starting yesterday, but without planning ahead, there was no way I would be able to make it out there and still be able to get up for work this morning. DARN! I was really looking forward to getting my dance on. So disappointing!