New Hair Clip, Photo Backdrop Setup, Tropical Smoothie Recipie

My final push to create new items for my shop last week was a success! See one of the new brooches I made. I have been experimenting with mixing crocheting and felt “daggers” which is working out nicely. I like the contrast of the sharp stiffened felt and the soft yarn.

I am still reviewing and editing the new digs in the shop, and I have already made one major change. The original photos I posted included a photo of the packaging. But when I got my boyfriend to give me some input on the shop setup, the first thing he said was: “The bags are distracting.” He was definitely right, so I have taken the bags off.

Despite the distracting bag photos, my other photos came out pretty nice. This is the meager setup I used: I put and old ice cream maker box on my countertop (any box will do) and draped brown paper across to create a backdrop. I taped the paper to the top of the box, then curved it up and taped it onto my cabinet. The brooches sat on the top of the box. The florescent light in my kitchen was plenty bright as a lightsource.

Although the set up worked great, I am still looking for a more stable setup for taking photographs that I don't have to move when I decide I want to make spaghetti or a smoothie. I read a neat article on Etsy today about creating your own light box, and it looks simple enough. I think I will try it!

Now, speaking of smoothies, I made a delicious smoothie last night.
Here is my own Tropical Smoothie Recipe:

-6 oz. of vanilla yogurt
-1 large banana
-1/2 cup shredded coconut
-handful of ice cubes
-1/2 cup orange juice plus more
-milk (optional)

Blend first 4 ingredients and ½ cup of orange juice. After mixture is blended, *remove top and add a little orange juice. Cover and blend again. Repeat from * until smoothie is desired consistency. Substitute milk here if you would prefer a more creamy, less tangy smoothie.

I like a very thick smoothie, so I don’t end up adding much more beyond the original ½ cup of oj, but lots of people like a thinner texture.