If you are not doing anything next Sunday (7/29) and will be in the Charlotte area, you should come out to the Craft Bazaar on the back patio of Snug Harbor (a cozy rock-n-roll bar) . I just found out about it yesterday, so I will not be selling stuff, but I will be there shopping for sure.

It has been way too long since my last post! While vacationing at the beautiful Carolina Beach last week, I had lots of time to get caught up on the headbands I have been working on. I especially loved sitting on the oceanfront balcony of my hotel room, crocheting and listening to the waves. Next weekend I will be attending a wedding in High Point, NC and after that I am going to the mountains for a week with the cross-country team I coach. I hope to get some time to crochet then as well. Man, summertime can get busy! Besides working, I also attended a 3-day Photoshop Workshop, which was awesome. Expect to see the fruits of that labor on the blog soon, as well as my website that is in the works.

I am finally close to finishing my first knitted item, the obligatory scarf. All I need to do now is weave in the ends. I have come to a screeching halt on my hooded vest. I hope to find the motivation for this particular project soon.