I had a great weekend but didn't get to post. Here are some of the highlights:
1. Went to the new rock bar in Charlotte called Alley Catz. You all need to get out there. If you are not 21, you can still go for lunch- they will be open during the week soon and feature the Penguin Grill. I recommend the sweet potato fries.
2. Found 3 cute baby kitties with no mom in sight. They need a home!
3. Got stuck in an elevator uptown at 12:30 am after leaving Taste of Charlotte. I had to pry the cover off of the emergency phone in the elevator and call for a repair man.

I am STILL finishing the Stash Buster Vest and am brainstorming about some beaded necklaces I want to crochet with vintage center pieces.

I have also been researching natural yarns that were made in the U.S. with U.S. materials. (Also- yarns made by co-operatives, unions, or fair-trade organizations in other countries). This has been a truly depressing search. It is much harder to find them than I imagined. It is easy to find acrylic yarns made in the U.S., but very hard to find natural yarns. I really want to use yarns with the above requirements. I support protecting jobs in the United States by buying U.S. goods, but more than that, I do not want to support low wages, poor working conditions, absent labor laws, and sweat shops in other countries. I want to vote with my dollar on a global level. This is the plan…