I am still plugging away at the Stash Buster Vest. I am still on the back, but getting close to done with that. Once I get past the back things will move faster. Right now I am crocheting a large field of identical stitches, which is getting to be a drag, but that will change in 7 more inches! The only problem I have found with the pattern is after making the foundation chain for the back (ch 79 sts for a medium) the pattern says: *Ch 1 (counts as first sc), turn, starting at second stitch from hook, sc 69 (78, 87).* I found that you should not ch 1 the first time around as the pattern says to do. I found that it worked to ch 79 for the starting chain, turn and then sc 78 into the starting chain. If you do not leave out the "ch 1" the first time, you end up with an extra ch on your foundation chain after you have already done the sc 78. Anyone else find this?

I have offically lost my USB cord for my camera. This could be bad.